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Hello! This is your opportunity to add on additional pins and sticker sets to your
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- that this is only currently open to Kickstarter backers (so please do not share the password with anyone!) and the last date to add on to your existing Kickstarter order through this password protected page will be Nov 1st, 2019. After the deadline, the shop goes live. the price will increase to full retail price, and any orders made will ship separately from the backer rewards.

- please include the email you used as a backer, as well as the same address, and name in your order notes so that I can make sure the add-ons make it into your shipment  (your original pledge tier wouldn't hurt either! [; )  

- you will be charged additional shipment, and depending on your location you *may* be charged tax. depending on shipment costs, if you are overcharged on shipping you will be refunded the difference! <3

Thank you again for all your support!


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Full Hameowlton Enamel Pin Set

$ 150.00 $ 180.00
"There's a mewllion things I haven’t done - just mew wait! Just mew wait" The full Original Broadway Cats of Hameowlton the Mewsical hard enamel pin series. Set contains the twelve (12) pins pictured in the listing. Each approximately 1.75" in height. Some have screenprinted details. Various base metals, each comes with backstamped logo and two posts for secure...

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Hameowlton Series