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The Luminous Dead - Glow in the Dark Soft Enamel Pin (First Edition)

$ 8.00

“Come with me. If we climb down together, we’ll never be alone again.”

A glow in the dark, rainbow metal soft enamel pin.
Approximately 1.5" tall. 
Back stamped and double posted for secure positioning. 

Designed by Miss Daisy Dee and based on The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling.
Skull of a lost caver with glowing blue mushrooms.
Will be sent to you with a Luminous Dead pin backing card and wrapped in (mostly) recycled packaging materials.

This soft enamel version of the Luminous Dead pin is the first edition and is limited to a quantity of 200 ever made, once these are sold out this version is gone for good!


Enamel pins are a handmade product and they will potentially have some small variations in their appearance - ESPECIALLY when it comes to rainbow pins! This pin has four different quality options: 

1. Standard quality - this is what has passed our quality control and represents the standard of this pin design.

2. Standard (with mild glow defect - these pins have otherwise passed our standards until the final test. they look otherwise perfect, but unfortunately have substandard glow and have been discounted accordingly.

3. Seconds - more affordable due to small cosmetic defects that do not particularly affect the pin from typical viewing distance (there may be a burr, small scratches, bubbles in plating or enamel, etc) but do not qualify to our standards.

4. Salvage - These pins have GLARING defects that do not meet standard. but often have their own charm and can be fun and unique! This option is rare and available to those who want to adopt a peculiar variant.

Please be aware of the option you are selecting as stock is first come first served!

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