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I’m Daisy, the itinerant freelance illustrator behind the creations on! Welcome to my pop-up sale!
I’ve been drawing all my life (didn’t we all make up our own pokémon back in the day?), but only started to pursue my art education in my sophomore year of high school, after meeting Jeffrey Fisher.
Under Jeff’s mentorship, I discovered my passion for creating art, and the value in building and maintaining a tight-knit supportive community of fellow artists. From there, I continued my art experience for a short time at Pratt Institute, worked as an art teacher at a public school program, and won a scholarship based on my teaching work to attend a summer workshop at the Center for Cartoon Studies I’ve had the immense luck and pleasure to work with some of my favorite musicians, heroes in the bar industry, and with folks that I just generally adore on projects that I truly enjoy.
I love to play with all sorts of creative media, dabbling in cartooning, scientific illustration, embroidery, lettering, and animation. My favorite subjects include animals, insects, bones, cartoon and video game characters, repeating patterns, and anxious looking self portraits.
I especially like drawing from observation and can frequently be found creeping people out in their natural environment (public transportation, concerts, museums, restaurants, bars) in the attempts to capture their likeness on paper. 

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