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Mystery Salvage Pins

$ 6.00 $ 15.00

With pins being such a handmade product, there will always be a few that don’t quite make it through the quality control process. While these pins might not be perfect, they more than make up for it with their unique character and these flaws can even make them one of a kind! 

By ordering this product, you will adopt a randomly selected pin deemed “salvage” grade from my current stock of wonky pins. This is a really fun way to possibly get a hold of some pins that are usually impossible to buy from the store too (Yes, There are even a few Trinket pins that can usually only be obtained through being a twitch subscriber for a year, and some rare Schuyler Whiskers pins that were bonuses for backing the Kickstarter! 

The random selection process is pulling each pin out of a blind bag, so ordering multiples increases your chance of a “rarer” pin but does not guarantee that you will not get duplicates! Thank you 😊 

The backing card your pin comes with will have the defect noted as to why it was deemed salvage quality.